We have been using ADPS-08-2-N-C in our standard systems. We now have a requirement for the switch to work with air with some Ozone content. Any suggestions on what model to use?
1950G Dwyer website shows both 0 degrees f temp limit and in other info shows it as -40C. What do we need to order to get -40C?
Could you please submit to us if the pressure switch model #DA-21-2-9S still produces? and if it became obsolete what is the direct replacement or equivalent pressure switch type?
I am trying to buy a replacement part for a mercoid pressure switch. The part number given on the device is DA-31-153 RG 9. What does the "RG" stand for? Is buying the DA-31-153-9 an equivalent part? Thank you in advance.
What is the power consumption of a 24 VDC 1950G Pressure Switch?
Is the pressure sensor #628-10-GH-P1-E1-S1, chemical resistant? Is it resistant to Diesel Fuel? Is it resistant to Saline Conditions? Please advise. Thanks, Jorge M.
Using a Dwyer LPG4-D8122N low pressure gauge how do you convert the readings to C.F.M.'s? Or can you ?
Can the 1900 Series be mounted so that the diaphragm is horizontal?
I am going to order the d/p switch 1950-5-2-S-AT. Option "-AT" is an aluminum tag. I would like to know the size of the tag.
Will the MVS series vacuum switch work if they are in the box with the vacuum. I need to signal when the vacuum in the box, in which the switch is placed reaches a level. The electrical connections are through a hermetic connector on the box.
Do you have a troubleshooting guide for the 1823-80?
EDPS series, can the 'delta-P' screw be used to increase or decrease deadband?
Can the standard H2 pressure switch be used with water?
Does Dwyer offer a fully UL/FM/CSA approved explosion proof pressure switch?
Will a Dwyer pressure switch be damaged if the pressure exceeding the maximum set-point is applied to the switch?
For which pressure switch applications are gold contacts recommended?
How can a standard 1910 pressure switch be used to sense pressure in an oven operating at 200 degrees Celsius?