Do you have a French manual for the Dwyer Mark II manometer inclided vertical version?
can you dilute the red dye for the manometer with distilled water?
Can you tell me if the m460 or the 460 gives the reading in pascal
Does the 475 model work with propane?
What is the density of Fluoroscein Green Concentrate after mixing 3/4 oz with 1 quart DI water?
Model 1212. How much fluid mixture is required? What is the best method to fill this unit?
We use series 475-6-FM Mk III digital manometer. What is the recommended calibration interval?
My new Series 476A Digital Manometer scrolls through random numbers and letters like OFL after I tried to zero it. How do I fix it?
We are using a Durablock inclined manometer with a range of 0-0.25" of water. What is considered a normal response time to steady state? We are seeing times of 1 minute whereas the manual states 'a few seconds'. Gage fluid is well beyond the recommended t
Is there a manometer that is compatible with chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide (bleach)?
I have a couple of questions. Does the model 310 manometer require regular calibration and if so, what calibration interval is recommended? Also, if calibration is required, do you have a location which could perform the calibration? Thanks, Richard
Could you confirm the instructions on setting the zero setting on Dwyer Model Mark II 25. I have two different instructions and want to know which one is correct.
We have a Dwyer gauge Mark II 25 on a waste oil furnace. Can you tell us how much heat it will withstand if we should get it too close to the heat source or how hot the gauge could get before readings would be incorrect.
Can a Slack tube manometer be used for water pressure?
Is routine maintenance required for a Dwyer red gage fluid type manometer?
How does a manometer measure gage and differential pressure?
Will the water manometers freeze?
What are the principle advantages of red gage fluid over water for use in manometers?
Since water will not mix with oil, why can't a D-style manometer be used to measure water pressures?
Why doesn't 1 inch on the scale of a 1223-12-D manometer equal 1 inch on a ruler?