What external sensors work with the RSME?
Does the RSME have BACnet and Modbus communications?
What electrical box (junction box) do you need to install the RSME?
How many rooms can the RSME monitor?
How many parameters can the RSME monitor and display?
I need to power 5 transmitters with a battery (24V) and have 4-20mA signals going to a DAQ. Is there a transmitter that can do this and how many wires does it have? Would a 24V battery pack be a good power source for these sensors? My setup is portable an
What is the minimum set range for a part #3500-AL-15-NF-2? The manual states 2813" wc (no decimal)! I'm wanting to set the range to 0 - 100" wc.
We ordered a bunch of MS2-D103-LCD pressure transmitters last year and need to order (20) more this year. It looks like the MS2 is not an option any more and we need to go with a MSX series. We just want to confirm that a MSX-U13-IN-LCD is the same unit a
Please advice for a differential pressure transmitter for Hydrogen
What is the maximum media temperature for the Series 626 transmitters. I'm considering one for a steam application at about 360F
I have a 626 pressure transmitter I want to use in 4-20 mA output mode. Trying to figure out what resistance I need. Two questions: 1) What are the units for the result of Rl-max = (Vps - 10)/20 mA DC? For a 12v PS I get 0.1. Is that ohms, Kohms or what?
What does UFL displayed on the Dwyer Series 626/628 mean? The input Voltage is correct and it appears to be piped correctly, but my display says UFL and my output to my controller's input is -0.285vdc.
Our client has an MBLT pressure transmitter that appears to be malfunctioning due to scale buildup. The transmitter is installed to measure leachate level in a one-year old municipal sanitary landfill. What can we use to remove scale from the transmitter
Series 672 Low Pressure Transducer, is this pressure transmitter suitable for use with Natural Gas? The specs just mention 'suitable liquids and gases", but I don't see a list of what is suitable.
I am using a differential pressure transmitter model 629-02-CH-P2-E5-S1-LED to measure differential pressure of water. How do I convert the 4-20 mA signal to the differential pressure reading?
We have a defective 629-04-CH-P2-E5-S1-3V DP sensor. The technician only wants to replace "just the sensor", not the entire manifold assembly. Can you give me the part number for this sensor?
I need to protect a pressure transmitter from power surges and spikes. The model of the transmitter is: 626-09-GH-P1-E1-S1
Trying to measure differential pressure between OSA and indoors. Using transmitters with a range of +25pa to -25pa. Monitoring pressure variations occur from basically 0pa to 20pa over a short period of time (15 to 30 sec) Building is basically closed dur
What is specified by the temperature coefficient and how is it important to my readings?
A customer would like to get switching capability, local pressure indication, and a 4-20 mA output signal all in one device. Do we have a product to offer them?
Define Warm-up Time? Response Time? Loop Resistance?
How can the 4-20mA output signal of our transmitters be converted to a 1-5VDC or 2-10 VDC output signal in the field?
What are the advantages of using a transmitter in a two-wire configuration as compared to a three or four-wire configuration?