Can the TID remote indicators be used with the TE-E/N wall mount sensors? I would like to use these for a remote room temperature sensor application.
Muffle furnace with Love 16B controller is displaying "no cont" on start up. I replaced the thermocouple but still get the same error. Any other cause for this code?
P/N: RHP-2W44-LCD Documentation ( on p. 4 indicates that sensor can be replaced, but unable to identify P/N of replacement sensor and if to be source from Dwyer or others
I purchased two of your RHP-2D11-LCD sensors. I am in need of the calibration values so I can convert the analog input values to the desired outputs (RH and temp). We have the sensors connected to an IoT system recording the analog data inputs to a portal
I have a Love 16B-33-LV temp controller that came with a DC01 jumper. Can you tell me what this jumper is for?
How to change the selectable °F/°C on a series 16B love control.
We are trying to program a temperature control and receive the following message - Communication error > address 01: no response from controller at register 795 (031A). What could be causing this error?
I'm looking for a dual temp. and humidity gauge for an 8" duct. I'm wanting to remote read the temp and humidity on the incoming and outgoing air to an ERV unit. The RHP-3M11-LCD was recommended to me, however, it is a direct read. What would be the corre
In the Series 16A the option 936 = Set Point/Process Signal Output 0-10 VDC My Question Is "What Is This Option Used For"?
I have a LOVE 8C controller and am using the Controller Communication Utility (Model SCD-SW Configuration & Monitoring Software) to record data being sent to the PC through the USB cable. The data is displaying and recording, however all I can do to repla
What connection and program would be used to monitor an ISDL-R10-SS temperature/humidity data logger using a Windows XP computer.
We would like to use the ILA transmitter along side a photoeye that senses when the part is present so we can record the temperature. The photoeye operates at 880 nm. Would there be interference between the two instruments?
How many wires do the RTD versions of the TE Series Temperature Sensors have?
Looking for information on the RS-232 Serial Communications Digihelic Links™ Communications Software, Modbus protocol®. Specifically command format, commands available, and controller responses?