WE33-HTD02-T3-A does it really take 20 seconds to open or close? Or am I reading things wrong? Is there a way to get that time down to say 5 seconds. Thanks
What is IP68?
What are the two dry product level switch model types? What ranges do they cover? How are they adjusted? How many set-points do they have?
What two types of continuous signal feed back can Proximity provide with the position indicator?
How many different size housings does Proximity provide for position indication? How many switches in a single housing?
What two basic types of position indication are provided with the Proximity position indicator?
What if I need parts for my Hi-Flow™ control valve?
Hi-Flow™ control valves call out ANSI B16.104 Class IV flow leakage. What does this mean?
What is the key feature of both Proximity position indicators and level switches that sets these products apart from all competitors?