why is SC4380 Power LED is blinking green?? Unit set for 0 to 10VDC input with 0 to 20mA output. unit has power .24VDC present on pin 10 & 11
can flow switch TDFS-2 be usedin zone 1 hazardous location
Can the SPPM-C display 5 digits?
On the RHP series temp/humidity sensors, is it possible to get a model with a 0-10 V dew-point output and a 0-10 V temperature output? I need dew point output, and would prefer the temperature output to be configured as 0-10 V rather than one of the other
What is the difference between the PS224 snubber with it's 2-5 µm mesh and the PS225 snubber for pulsating gas. (What is the mesh size of the PS225 and are there other differences from the PS224?)
What would be the consequences of using a DPGA gauge on a water system instead of a DPGW?
What is the proper way to wrap the wire around the Current Transformer #CCT40-200?
What purpose does the sintered filter perform on the RHP transmitter and does its use preclude adding the LCD option? Is it recommended when transmitter is located just after blower but before cooling coil?
The DPMA-502 panel meter, what is the environmental rating? NEMA 1?
How often should I replace the filter on my 1205A-0 handheld CO analyzer?
How often do our pressure gages need to be recalibrated?
Does Dwyer offer any certification on their products?
How are the F6 & F7 vertical level switches converted from N.O. to N.C. or vice versa?
Question 1. What is the input impedance of the SPPM meter with voltage input? I'm replacing an old analog meter with a 0-100 uA movement with a more reliable digital panel meter. Question 2. The analog meter I want to replace has a two-range non-linear vi