Dwyer is proud to announce the release of the piston in-line variable area flowmeters, Series PI. These patented spring-loaded piston flowmeters are perfect for applications including cooling water monitoring, plastic injection molding coolant control, oil and gas measurement, lubricant flow control, hydraulic flow measurement, pump protection, and hazardous areas.

No Pipe Run Requirements
Straight pipe runs are not required before or after the meter, allowing for installation in areas with minimal space.

No Need for Power
Standard mechanical sensor pointer and switches do not require power.

Field Configurable
The three-wire version is equipped with a solid state relay that can be configured in the field for alarm output. The alarm on this version is selectable between a high or low alarm (NO or NC).

How it Works
The Series PI flowmeter utilizes a spring-loaded piston. The fluid flow in the application causes a spring-loaded piston with a circular opening to move along the axis of a precision-tapered shaft, creating a variable orifice in direct proportion to the flow rate. The piston is mechanically linked to a readout pointer and actuates switch(es) or a transmitter.

To learn more about the Series PI Flowmeter, please visit: https://dwyer-inst.com/series-pi.html

Series PI Piston In-Line Variable Area Flowmeter