Room Pressure Monitoring
The Series RSMC StabiliSENSE™ room status monitor is designed for clean areas or healthcare applications that require stringent pressure, temperature, and/or relative humidity monitoring and alarming. The RSMC is ideal for applications including: clean rooms, school nurse offices, hospital isolation rooms, research labs, dental offices, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and vivariums.

Key Benefits
The StabiliSENSE™ room status monitor is an easy-to-read color changing touchscreen LCD monitor for pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and door status indication. Its color-changing parameter display blocks (green for good, orange for warning, and red for alarm) coupled with its built-in audible alarm will help to ensure that no alarm condition goes unnoticed. The RSMC has one digital output for remote alarming, one 4-20 mA output corresponding to pressure, and BACnet and Modbus® RTU interface for data communications.

How it Works
The Series RSMC can monitor up to four parameters, including the built-in pressure sensor, and up to three rooms. It can monitor positive or negative pressure, relative humidity, temperature, air changes per hour (ACH), and door status in protected environments and clean manufacturing areas. This room status monitor is a user configurable system which enables access to pressure, temperature, relative humidity, ACH, security, and alarm setup. The RSMC pairs well with the Dwyer® Series RHP-E/N wall mount humidity/temperature transmitter and Series AVUL air velocity transmitter.