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Psychrometers are used for handheld, non-electric humidity metering.

Air Velocity Calculator Slide Charts make spot checking with Dwyer Pitot Tubes quick and easy.

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A-503 Dial thermometer, 200 to 1000°F and 100 to 540°C. 3-4 Weeks*
A-525 Pocket type sling psychrometer, furnished complete with psychrometric charts, psychrometric slide chart, and carrying case. 7-8 Weeks*
A-527 Replacement wick for psychrometer. 4-5 Weeks*
A-531 Oil burner efficiency slide chart. 6-7 Weeks*
A-536 Metric air velocity calculator slide chart. 1-3 days*
A-532 Air velocity calculator slide chart. 1-3 days*

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