Series 160S

Series 160S "S" Type Stainless Steel Pitot Tube

Series 160 Stainless Steel Pitot Tube

Series 160 Stainless Steel Pitot Tube

Series 160F Straight Stainless Steel Pitot Tubes

Straight Design, Accurate Positioning

The Series 160F Straight Stainless Steel Pitot Tube is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel with permanently etched insertion depth graduations for a lifetime of service. The static pressure port is parallel to the sensing tube to allow quick, easy alignment of the tube with air flow. The straight design allows for easy insertion into ducts through grills and pressure taps, as well as aids in positioning in hard to reach locations where a hook style Pitot tube may not allow access.

Note: Increased shipping and handling charges will apply to pitot tube lengths over 36" for International orders and 72" for Domestic orders.

Product Applications

  • Monitor or control air velocity or air flow when combined with differential pressure gage, switch, or transmitter where hook style Pitot tubes don’t allow access
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Grouped product items
Model Description Availability* Qty Price
160F-24 Straight stainless steel pitot tube, 24" 2-3 Weeks*
160F-36 Straight stainless steel pitot tube, 36" 2-3 Weeks*
160F-48 Straight stainless steel pitot tube, 48" 2-3 Weeks*
160F-60 Straight stainless steel pitot tube, 60" 2-3 Weeks*
160F Straight stainless steel pitot tube, 18" 2-3 Weeks*
160F-KIT Kit containing 160F, 160F-24, 160F-36, 160F-48, and carrying case 2-3 Weeks*


Wetted Material:
304 SS.
±2% FS, 0 to 9000 FPM (45 M/s).
Temperature Limit:
1500°F (815°C).
Insertion Length:
18" (44 cm).
Process Connections:
1/4" OD.
4.3 oz (122 g).
Meets the technical requirements of EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS II).


  • Straight design allows for easy insertion into ducts
  • Permanent stamped insertion depth graduations facilitate accurate positioning
  • Alignment indicator helps keep tip parallel to flow

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How do you do traverse readings with a Pitot tube for air velocity and air flow readings?
Dwyer has a guide on how to calculate air velocity and air flow with Pitot Tubes including traverse readings located on our website at: Air Velocity Measurement
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Model Description Availability* Price
A-158 Split flange mounting. Can be added to any Dwyer® No. 160 standard pitot tube. Zinc plated steel. Gasket is pattern for mounting holes. Secure flange loosely to tube, adjust tube depth and tighten screws. Gasket of 1/16" Neoprene fits tightly around tube and against duct for leak-proof seal. Nuts, washers included. 1-3 days*
A-159 Mounting gland. Versatile adapter slips on any Series 160, 5/16" standard pitot tube made after Dec. 1990. Two-part stainless steel fitting slides over tube and provides permanent, secure mounting. Where duct interior is accessible, use the washers and jam nut supplied. For blind applications or in thicker materials, use model A-156 flange mounting plate. Once tube is adjusted to proper depth and angle, tighten smaller hex bushing to lock position. Graphite bushing inside assures leak-proof seal even at higher temperatures. TFE bushing also available. Note: For full insertion with this fitting, order next longer pitot tube. A-159 mounting gland is used for both duct mounting and flange mounting. 1-3 days*
A-156 Flange mounting plate with 1/2" female NPT. 1-3 days*
A-160-CASE Hard plastic carrying case for pitot tubes up to 48" 2-3 Weeks*
A-397 Rugged step drill, quickly provides true round holes in thin materials, no center punch needed to start, automatically de-burrs drilled hole, high speed steel, drills 3/16" through 1/2" holes in 1/16" increments. 1-3 days*