Series BFC Brass Flap Check Valve

Series BFC Brass Flap Check Valve

Series BICV Brass Inline Check Valve

Economical, Spring-Loaded for Fast Seating

The Series BICV Brass Inline Check Valves are ideal for use with a broad array of service mediums including compatible oils, gases, fuels and hydrocarbons. They incorporate a soft seat for a bubble-tight shutoff and are spring-loaded for rapid reseating at high and low temperatures. The Series BICV was designed with a smooth flow profile to minimize head loss and accumulation of debris. The low 0.5 psi (0.04 bar) cracking pressure and patented guided-disc technology ensure reliability at low and high service pressure.

California Residents:  Click Here for Proposition 65 WARNING.on is resistant to harmful components often found in sample streams. Replaceable filter elements remove particles and droplets as small as .01 micron with 95% efficiency.

Product Applications

    • To protect equipment against possible damage or contamination resulting from a reversal of flow direction
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Grouped product items
Model Description Availability* Qty Price
BICV-0F01 Brass inline check valve, 3/8" connection, 4.55 Cv value, weight 5.9 oz (168 g). 1-3 days*
BICV-0F02 Brass inline check valve, 1/2" connection, 6.0 Cv value, weight 5.1 oz (145 g). 1-3 days*
BICV-0F03 Brass inline check valve, 3/4" connection, 11.0 Cv value, weight 7.8 oz (222 g). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F04 Brass inline check valve, 1" connection, 16.9 Cv value, weight 10.9 oz (308 g). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F05 Brass inline check valve, 1-1/4" connection, 27.4 Cv value, weight 1.1 lb (0.51 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F06 Brass inline check valve, 1-1/2" connection, 39.1 Cv value, weight 1.6 lb (0.73 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F07 Brass inline check valve, 2" connection, 60.7 Cv value, weight 2.3 lb (1.03 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F08 Brass inline check valve, 2-1/2" connection, 98.4 Cv value, weight 4.8 lb (2.19 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F09 Brass inline check valve, 3" connection, 158.0 Cv value, weight 6.7 lb (3.04 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0F10 Brass inline check valve, 4" connection, 225.4 Cv value, weight 12.4 lb (5.64 kg). 2-3 Weeks*
BICV-0N00 Brass inline check valve, 1/4" connection, 4.55 Cv value, weight 3.5 oz (100 g). 1-3 days*


Liquids and gases compatible with wetted material.
Line Size:
See Catalog page.
Process Connection:
Female NPT.
Pressure Limits:
1/4" to 2": 400 psi (27.6 bar) WOG; 2-1/2" to 4": 175 psi (12.1 bar) WOG; all sizes: 125 psi (8.6 bar) SWP.
Wetted Materials:
Valve Body: Brass (CW617N); Obstructer: Polyethermide; Seat: 1/4" - NBR rubber, 3/8" to 4" - fluoroelastomer; Spring: 302 SS.
Temperature Limits:
10 to 352°F (-12 to 178°C).


  • Soft seat for bubble-tight shut off
  • Spring loaded for rapid reseating at high and low temperatures
  • Patented guided-disc technology

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