Model Digihelic Links™ Data Acquisition and Logging Software

Model Digihelic Links™ Data Acquisition and Logging Software

Series DHC Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller

3-in-1 Differential Pressure Controller

The Series DHC Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller is a 3-in-1 instrument possessing a digital display gage, control relay switches, and a transmitter with both current and voltage outputs. Combining these 3 features allows the reduction of several instruments with one product, saving inventory, installation time, and cost. The Series DHC Digihelic® differential pressure controller is the ideal instrument for pressure, velocity, and volumetric flow applications reading in several commonly used engineering units with optional unidirectional or bidirectional ranges. These units achieve a 1.5% or better accuracy on extremely low ranges, and 0.5% accuracy for ranges at or above 1 in w.c. Calibration can be performed in the field, making maintaining its accuracy more manageable. Additionally, the Series DHC Digihelic® differential pressure controller includes 2 SPDT control relays with adjustable deadbands. Programming the unit is simple using the built-in menu. With scalable 4-20 mA, selectable voltage process outputs, and selectable Modbus® or BACnet communication, this controller can easily fit into your application.

NIST CALIBRATION available in Product Configurator.

Product Applications

  • SCFM duct flow
  • Filter status
  • Duct or building static pressure
  • Damper and fan control
Starting at $489.00
Grouped product items
Model Description Availability* Qty Price
DHC-002 Differential pressure controller, range 0.25 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-003 Differential pressure controller, range 0.5 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-004 Differential pressure controller, range 1.0 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-006 Differential pressure controller, range 2.5 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-008 Differential pressure controller, range 5.0 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-009 Differential pressure controller, range 10 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-010 Differential pressure controller, range 25 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-011 Differential pressure controller, range 50 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-012 Differential pressure controller, range 100 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-202 Differential pressure controller, range ±0.25 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-204 Differential pressure controller, range ±1.0 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-206 Differential pressure controller, range ±2.5 in w.c. 1-3 days*
DHC-209 Differential pressure controller, range ±10 in w.c. 1-3 days*


Air and non-combustible, compatible gases.
Wetted Materials:
Consult factory.
Housing Material:
±0.5% FSO for all ranges, except 0.5 in w.c. @ ±1% FSO, and ranges at or below ±0.25 in w.c. @ ±1.5% FSO.
< ±1% / year FSO.
Pressure Limits:
Ranges > 1 in w.c.: 6 psi max operation, 6 psi burst; Ranges ≤ 1 in w.c.: 3.6 psi max operation, 6 psi burst.
Temperature Limits:
-4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C).
Thermal Effects:
.02% FS / °F (.036% FS / °C).
Power Requirements:
12-28 VDC or 12-28 VAC 50 to 400 Hz.
Power Consumption:
3 VA max.
Output Signal:
4-20 mA (4-wire); 0-10 V, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, and 2-10 V (4-wire).
BACnet MS/TP or Modbus® RTU.
Supported Baud Rate:
9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200.
Device Load:
1/8 unit load.
Zero and Span Adjustments:
Accessible via menus.
Response Time:
400 ms (damping set to 0).
Backlit LCD display, LED setpoint indicators.
Electrical Connections:
15 pin male high density D-sub connection. 18" (46 cm) cable with 15 conductors included.
Process Connections:
1/8" female NPT ports on side and back.
Enclosure Rating:
NEMA 4X (IP66).
Mounting Orientation:
Not position sensitive.
5" OD (127 mm) x 1.9" (48 mm) deep.
8.8 oz (250 g).
Switch Type:
2 SPDT relays.
Electrical Rating:
1 A @ 30 VAC/VDC.
Set Point Adjustment:
Accessible via menus.


  • One instrument saves inventory, installation time, and money with its measurement versatility and innovative 3-in-1 design
  • Measurement precision via full-scale accuracy of 1.5% or better on extremely low ranges, and 0.5% for ranges at or above 1 in w.c.
  • Safe and secure with security menu programming
  • Simplified field upgrade to DHC pressure controller with optional stainless steel bezel


  • -FC Factory calibration certificate
  • -NIST NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • -SS 304 brushed stainless steel bezel

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Model Description Availability* Price
A-299 Mounting bracket flush mount Magnehelic® gage in bracket. Bracket is then surface mounted . Steel with gray hammertone epoxy finish. 6.3" x 7.7" x 4.0", 1.30 lb. 1-3 days*
A-302 Static pressure tip, for 3/16" and 1/8" ID plastic or rubber tubing. 1-3 days*
A-302F-A 303 SS Static pressure tip with mounting flange, for 3/16" I.D. rubber or plastic tubing. 4" insertion depth, includes mounting screws 1-3 days*
A-330 1/8" pipe plug, socket hex, plated steel. 1-3 days*
A-331 1/8" NPT filter vent plug, nylon and sintered metal. 1-3 days*
A-489 4" 303 SS straight static pressure tip with flange, 1/4" hose barb. 1-3 days*
A-301 Static pressure tip, for 1/4" metal tubing connection. 1-3 days*