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Early Smoke Detection in HVAC Systems

The Series SL-2000 Duct Smoke Detector is crucial for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present within HVAC ductwork. This series can be utilized in many different types of applications including commercial, industrial, and residential. The unit is designed to not only alarm when smoke is detected, but will also utilize relays to disable fans and blowers. The series comes complete with technician friendly “No-Tools Required" features to make installation and servicing simple and efficient.

Product Applications

  • Early smoke detection in ductwork
  • Commercial/Industrial/Residential HVAC
  • BAS automation
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SL-2000-P Conventional, 4-wire, universal voltage, photoelectric duct smoke detector 1-3 days*
SL-53546-021K Standard duct detectors for the EU markets, photoelectric sensing technology. 1-3 days*


Sensor Type:
Photoelectric or Ionization.
Air Velocity Range:
100 to 4000 FPM.
Ambient Temperature:
SL-2000-N: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C); SL-2000-P: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C).
Humidity Limits:
85 ±5 % RH (@32 ±2°C; 86 ±3.6°F) Non-condensing/Nonfreezing.
Power Requirements:
Standby: 230 VAC (12 mA), 115 VAC (22 mA), 24 VAC (55 mA), or 24 VDC (14 mA); Alarm: 230 VAC (18 mA), 115 VAC (32mA), 24 VAC (190 mA), or 24 VDC (68 mA).Standby: 230 VAC (12 mA), 115 VAC (22 mA), 24 VAC (55 mA), or 24 VDC (14 mA); Alarm: 230 VAC (18 mA), 115 VAC (32mA), 24 VAC (190 mA), or 24 VDC (68 mA).
Electrical Rating:
Alarm contacts: 2 sets form “C” rated at 10 A resistive @ 115 VAC and 1 set form “A” rated at 2 A; Trouble contacts: 1 set form “C” rated at 10 A @ 115 VAC.
Electrical Connections:
Screw terminals.
Grey plastic back box, clear plastic cover (Makrolon 94V-0).
Enclosure Rating:
SL-2000: NEMA 1; WP-2000: NEMA 3R.
Radioactive Element:
For SL-2000-N (Ionization) americium 241; 0.9 Micro-curie; Do not expose to corrosive atmospheres.
2.5 lbs.
cULus (UL 268A) File # S2829, CSFM Listed (3240-1004:105), MEA Accepted (73-92-E; VOL. 27).


  • Versatile installation applications with velocities up to 4000 FPM
  • Easy performance verification with the built-in smoke and magnet test ports and clear cover to view status LED
  • Simple installation with no tools required to load/remove sampling tubes

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Model Description Availability* Price
FAST TUBE Sectional, polycarbonate sampling tube, bag of (3) 24" tubes 1-3 days*
TG-2500 Test gas for SL-2000 models 1-3 days*
55000-328APO Photoelectric replacement sensor for SL-2000-P 2-3 Weeks*
55000-316 Series 65 Optical sensor (replacement head with CE rating) 2-3 Weeks*
WP-2000 Weatherproof enclosure for SL-2000 models 2-3 Weeks*