I need to monitor air velocity within a supply and exhaust duct, both are connected to a Class I Division 1 rated gashouse. Is this possible with the 641B in conjunction with an isolated barrier/repeater? The 641B will be duct mounted outside of the gasho
For the AAFS air flow paddle switch, is there an adjustment that can be made in order to install in vertical ductwork?
I am looking for a Dwyer flow switch model V6EPB-BD4B-CSA. My concern is that our switch has a ACT 2.4 GPM or less, but in your website this flow switch shows a different ACT GPM. I am attaching a picture of our switch for your review and recommendation.
What flow rate does the TDFS2 work with?
Can I use this product for sediment-laden liquids?
What flow rate does the TDFS2 work with?
Can I use this product for sediment-laden liquids?
What is the current consumption or power consumption for the SFI-800-1/2-A712?
What is the k-factor?
What is the turndown ratio?
Can model P5-1 clear plastic flow switch be used for air flow and if so what is the minimum SCFM air flow to cause the switches to operate?
How do I read the display?
What are the output options?
What process connections are available?
Are the fittings included?
Is this safe to use with drinking water?
How many wires are part of the pulsed output?
Do you have a flow calculation program that calculates differential pressure from DS400 when given flow rate, temperature & pressure?
What is the maximum length that you can extend the wire leads?
The incorrect range was ordered in an AVPT; can I re-scale or calibrate this sensor in the field?
Are there any advantages to using a BACnet model other than the communications output?
Can the AVPT output volumetric flow readings
Is there a valve kit suitable for potable water?
What is included in the valve kit?
Do I have to purchase an alignment guide separately?
Why do I have to consult the factory for the high accuracy multi-pipe option?
How long will it take to get a unit that is "out-of-stock"?
What is the difference between "Multi-Pipe" and custom configured?
What does the term "Multi-Pipe" mean?
Does the high accuarcy IEF need to be calibrated any differently then the standard IEF?
What pipe sizes are compatible?
What is the difference between the standard accuracy, the high accuracy, and the custom configuration options?
Are there any proven results?
Is there a lockout feature to prevent setup changes?
Do you go down to 2” pipe size?
Is there an adjustable BACnet baud rate?
Is there BTU calculation?
Is there a minimum duct size that this sensor can be used in?
Can you use a display with the Modbus or BACnet options?
Is there any additional isolation valve typically required for installing the flowmeters?
How do you do traverse readings with a Pitot tube for air velocity and air flow readings?
Where do I go for help on how to use the SMART Air Hood®?
What type of battery is in the SMART Air Hood®?
Can the SMART Air Hood® accommodate various size diffusers?
Can I store my results for future reference?
What is the range of the handheld device that comes with the SAH?
Can it be shipped as air freight to the job?
How much does it weigh and what are the dimensions?
Is a protective case provided for the SMART Air Hood®?
What is the warranty?
Where do I send the SMART Air Hood® to be calibrated?
What is Quad Flow?
What is Predictive Balancing?
Why should I buy a SMART Air Hood®?
I have four Series 475 Mark III Handheld Digital Manometers that we have had for one year. I would like to have them calibrated, but I do not know where to send them. Do you offer a calibration service for the products you sell?
I have an application where i need to check permanently the velocity in a metal duct (16" diameter) the application is metal cutting (cutting with plasma machine. I am selecting the following items. Series 160S Pitot Tubes and Series DM-1200 DigiMag® Digi
What is the best method of measuring actual air flow in process ducts to verify process air flow sensors (differential pressure sensors, air flow stations, etc.)
The gland fitting A-159 is shown as an accessory to the Series 160 Pitot tube. How do you install the fitting past the elbow in the tube?
We have recently replaced a Dwyer air velocity transmitter (PFS1300204) with a Dwyer Series 641. The new sensor works fine for only a few days and then starts reading almost no flow. These devices are used in an Air Scrubber application (exhaust stack). I
My quesiton is regarding PAFS-1000 series averaging flow sensor. Is the K factor provided in the instruction manual a direct multiplier to the velocity measured? i.e. v_actual = v_measured * K.
Can the Vaneometer model 480 be equipped with a scale to read in inches of water? We want to use the vaneometer to assure we have a pressure differential of -0.01 wc when measured at the door gap to a patient isolation room.
On your Flow Switches, which model has a Form C type contact
Can the V10 flow switch be mounted for use in a vertical up-flow application?
Can the V8 float switch be used with acids due to its material of construction?
What does actuation and de-actuation mean?
If a customer claims the plastic impeller dissolved in plain water, what probably happened?
If a customer complains the impeller in his sight flow indicator is not turning, what is most likely the problem?
What type of pressure drop is expected in the V6-LF?
Why should a customer be discouraged from buying a V6 without a tee and installing it in his own tees?
Are custom vanes for the V6 available?
What is the pressure drop across a V6 Flow switch?
What material is used as a seal between the process fluid and the electrical portion of the switch?
What precautions should be taken when installing a V4 switch in an extremely high flow application?
Can a V4 switch be installed in a vertical run of pipe?
How is "deadband" defined as related to the V4 switch?
Why is the method of mounting a V4 of concern?
What precautions should be taken when making an outdoor installation?