Model DW-USB-RT Real-time USB Data Logger

Model DW-USB-RT Real-time USB Data Logger

Model DL7 Differential Pressure Data Logger

Model DL7 Differential Pressure Data Logger

Series DW-USB Compact USB Data Logger

Measure Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Current, Voltage, or Carbon Monoxide

The Series DW-USB Compact USB Data Logger allows users to monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, voltage, current, or carbon monoxide almost anywhere, and then download stored data by simply plugging the module directly into a PC’s USB port. The compact housing can resist moisture up to IP67 when the protective cap is attached, and has built in LED’s to indicate an alarm has been met or the battery is low. Users can set the sampling rate, start time, high/low alarms, and temperature unit via software available for free download from our website.

Product Applications

  • Calibration labs
  • Environmental chambers
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Storage warehouses
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Grouped product items
Model Description Availability* Qty Price
DW-USB-1 Compact USB data logger, temperature input. 1-3 days*
DW-USB-2 Compact USB data logger, temperature/humidity/dew point input. 1-3 days*
DW-USB-2-HA Compact USB data logger, high accuracy temperature/humidity/dew point input. 1-2 Weeks*
DW-USB-3 Compact USB data logger, voltage input. 1-3 days*
DW-USB-4 Compact USB data logger, current input. 1-3 days*
DW-USB-5 Compact USB data logger, carbon monoxide input. 1-3 days*
DW-USB-5-LR Compact USB data logger, low range carbon monoxide input. 1-2 Weeks*
DW-USB-6 Compact USB data logger, thermocouple input. 1-2 Weeks*


Memory Size:
16,382 temperature; 16,382 each temperature and RH; 32,764 readings for voltage, current, and thermocouple; and 32,510 for carbon monoxide.
Sampling Mode:
Stop on memory full.
Sampling Rate:
Selectable from 10 s to 12 hr (temperature and RH models); 1 s to 12 hr (voltage, current, and thermocouple models); 10 s to 5 m (CO models).
Computer Requirements:
Compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows® 10.
Power Requirements:
3.6 V 1/2 AA lithium metal battery, included, user-replaceable.
ABS plastic blend.
Programmable high/low.
USB Port.
1.5 oz (43 g).
Agency Approvals:


  • Meets IP67 standards when the protective cap is fitted
  • All in one unit plugs into PC with no cable required
  • LED status indicators for visual confirmation
  • Optional integral LCD display for local indication

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