Series TUF Ultrasonic Energy Meter

Series TUF Ultrasonic Energy Meter

Series UBT Clamp-On Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter

Series UBT Clamp-On Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter

Series UFM2 Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Cost Effective, Compact and Adjustable Design, Non-Invasive

The Series UFM2 Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeters are economical, clamp-on, ultrasonic flowmeters. The UFM2 implements the transit-time difference to measure flow rates in pipes and can measure velocity and flow in pipes with outside diameters ranging from 3/4 to 7" (25 to 180 mm). This model comes with a volume pulse and 4-20 mA flow rate output.

• Converter with adjustable guide rail
• Set of pipe clamps (model dependent)
• Set of small pipe adapter circle clamps
• Set of small pipe adapter V clamps
• Ultrasonic coupling grease

Product Applications

  • Flow measurement for heat metering
  • Metering and monitoring in: Chilled water, Potable water, Process water
Starting at $2,346.00
Grouped product items
Model Description Availability* Qty Price
UFM2-14 Compact ultrasonic flowmeter, pulse and 4-20 mA outputs, 3/4 to 4" (25 to 115 mm) pipe 1-3 days*
UFM2-16 Compact ultrasonic flowmeter, pulse and 4-20 mA outputs, 5 to 7" (125 to 180 mm) pipe 5-6 Weeks*


Clean water with <3% by volume of particulate content.
0.33 to 32.8 ft/s (0.1 to 10 m/s).
Backlit: 3.27" H x 0.74" W (83.1 mm x 18.8 mm), 2 line x 16 characters.
±3% of flow reading for >0.98 ft/s (>0.3 m/s).
Power Requirements:
12-24 VDC/VAC.
Power Consumption:
7 W max.
Temperature Limits:
Process: 32 to 185°F (0 to 85°C); Ambient: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).
Analog: 1 opto-isolated: 4-20 mA; Error current: 3.5 mA; Load resistance: 620 Ω max; Pulse: 1 optoisolated MOSFET relay, 500 mA max, 166 pps max, 200 Hz max.
Enclosure Rating:
Enclosure Material:
Plastic polycarbonate.
±0.15% of measured value.
Electrical Connections:
16.4' (5 m) cable.
Response Time:
<1 s.
2.9 lb (1.315 kg).
Agency Approvals:

Applicable Pipe Material:
Steel, copper, or plastic.
Pipe Outside Diameter:
3/4 to 7" (25 to 180 mm). Pipe size is dependent on pipe material and internal diameter.
Applicable Pipe Lining:
Pipe Wall Thickness:
0.02 to 0.39" (0.5 to 10 mm).


  • Save on installation costs with non-invasive pipe measurement
  • Simplified installation with all necessary components included, such as converter, sensor, cables and mounting accessories
  • Fit application requirements with compact and lightweight design, that can be easily installed, all in one clamp-on unit intended for homogeneous liquids that contain no air
  • Cut down evaluation time with easy-to-read text displaying both flow rate and total with a convenient backlight for visual comfort

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Model Description Availability* Price
A-186 Silicone based grease acoustic couplant, 3 oz. tube. 1-3 days*
NISTCAL-FU NIST traceable calibration certificate for ultrasonic flowmeters. NOTE: EQUAL CERTS WILL BE CHARGED PER UNITS PURCHASED. 2-3 Weeks*