What external sensors work with the RSMC?
Does the RSMC have BACnet and Modbus communications?
What electrical box (junction box) do you need to install the RSMC?
How many rooms can the RSMC monitor?
How many parameters can the RSMC monitor and display?
Is there a differential pressure gage with a lower temperature limit down to -20F ?
Is the 1950G differential pressure switch safe/suitable for an ethanol and alcohol vapor environment?
ISDP-002 range of 0-0.25 in w.c. Is the accuracy 0.5% for the entire range? We are monitoring values as low as 0.007 in w.c.
Hello, We use Gauge 2310 & Mount Ring A-286 and I am looking for a 3D or STP file for both. The current models I have are lacking in detail Please advise and Thank You, John W. Hubler
I am using a 616W-7-LCD, what tubing connections do we need to use with 1/8 or 3/16 tubing?
I have a Magnehelic gage 2000-00N I purchased for a clean room. Should the installers set the "set" screw to get the gage back to (0) or will that mess up the calibration?
Calibration details?
What in line dust filter should I use for a magnehelic gauge?
What are the Differences between Magnehelic & Photohelic Gauges? I will be needing several Gauges this Spring 1 of the gauges should be able to read up to 3” WC. With a normal use reading of negative .2 to negative .5 when working correctly. ??
I have a digihelic DH007. and I would like to know is: could I filter the output relay signal (set point)? Does the delay or dampening functions work on the output or just on the alarms?
We have a Photohelic model 3000-OMR what is the correct replacement model? Is a 3000MR-O the same thing?
I have a DPG-200 Digital Pressure Gauge. I need to know if Dwyer can make them with a 90 Degree fitting or elbow, or with the fitting coming out of the back of the gauge?
I have a Dwyer Magnehelic, can I pressure test a furnace gas valve with natural gas with this instrument?
Is the Magnehelic 2000 suitable for use in a Class 1 Div 1 environment?
For the Series 2000 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges, what panel mounts are compatible with the A-135 rubber gasket?
Is there a limit to the length of tubing used on the DCP100A pressure Module?
I am using DH3 Digihelic differential pressure controllers for my applications. The instruction says that "the Alarm can be reset by the RESET key on the front panel, or an external reset switch". For the second case (reset by external reset switch), coul
What's the sample rate of the 475 digital manometer series? Is there an average function of the the past samples?
What is the power consumption (watts) for a model 3000mr photohelix?
What might be the cause for Magnehelic® gages filling approximately 1/3 full of water, with lots of liquid droplets on the glass. Both are outside mounted on the side of an air stripping tower. One is a differential pressure gage that measures the pressur
Your Magnehelic gauge doesn't come with a calibration certificate, do you have any documentation for these gauges to meet these needs?
Can the ASF option be used as a tattle tell? Or do you have something that could be used as a tattle tell on the 2000 series DP gages?
Your catalog says the A3000 series photohelic needs 120VAC, but "Special units for other voltages are available." Does that mean I can order a 24VDC model? If so, what would the part no. be? Thanks
How do I hook up my Magnehelic® gage for an air velocity application with a pitot tube?
Are air velocity scales available?
What is the NEMA rating of a Photohelic®?
A contractor is using Differential Pressure Gauge Model 2300-00 to measure negative pressure in the construction area When looking at the gauge how would I know the area is under negative pressure.
I am looking to measure velocity in a 4" pipe that is used as air conveyance. We use an eductor and a single stage blower to produce air flow. I am looking to measure pressure and velocity. I purchased a Dwyer Pitot tube, 167-7 108024-00 for the job, and