Series SAH SMART Air Hood® Balancing Instrument

Quad Flow Design Technology, Predictive Balancing


The SMART AIR HOOD® (SAH) Balancing Instrument is the most accurate and easy to operate air flow hood on the market today. The low profile design allows balancers to work in occupied spaces (bathroom stalls, MRI machines, cubicles, tables/chairs, etc.) and maneuver through doorways easier. By using the included 12 foot hood pole and wireless communications to a mobile device, one operator can balance a branch in less time than traditional balancing teams. Besides being lighter than most traditional capture hoods, the ergonomic design makes the technician exude less energy as the SAH has a lighter, balanced design. The rugged polypropylene base hood features Quad Flow Design Technology for controlling air flow and minimizing back pressure, which yields superior measurement accuracy. The Wi-Fi protocol back to the user’s Android® or iOS® device gives the user real-time feedback, as they may be up to 200 yards (183 m) from the hood which saves the technician from unnecessarily going up and down their ladder multiple times to cut or open the dampers to balance the system.

The SMART AIR HOOD® Application Software reduces the number of steps in the air flow balancing process using Predictive Balancing. Predictive Balancing is a method of predicting the optimal flow set point for each register and the order in which they should be adjusted.


  • 3 ft (0.9 m) extendable pole
  • 12 ft (3.7 m) extendable pole
  • Mobile device quick release pole adaptor kit
  • Two low flow plugs
  • Softcase SAH22 or hardcase SAH-22HC with storage for additional instruments
  • Lithium ion battery (not included in international versions)
  • Installation and operating manual
  • NIST traceable certificate
  • Charging cables for SAH

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    Product Applications

    • Commissioning, testing, adjusting and balancing volumetric air flow from diffusers, grilles, and registers in HVAC systems
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    Grouped product items
    Model Description Availability* Qty Price
    SAH-22 SMART Air Hood® balancing instrument with 2´ x 2´ (0.6 m x 0.6 m) opening 1-3 days*
    SAH-22HC SMART Air Hood® balancing instrument with 2´ x 2´ (0.6 m x 0.6 m) opening, with hard travel case Call for Details*


    Cubic feet per minute (CFM), cubic meter per hour (M³/H), cubic meter per second (M³/S), liter per minute (l/min), liter per hour (l/hour), liter per second (l/s).
    Volume Flow Ranges:
    Supply: 40 to 2000 CFM (68 to 3398 m3/h) (19 to 944 l/s); Exhaust: 80 to 2000 CFM (136 to 3398 m3/h) (38 to 944 l/s).
    Accuracy > 40 CFM:
    ±3% of reading ±7 CFM (11.9 m3/hr) (3.3 l/s).
    1 CFM (1.7 m³/h) (.5 l/s).
    Power Requirements:
    3.6 V NCR18650B MH12210 Li-ion rechargable battery (included), or (4) AA alkaline 1.5 V batteries (not included).
    Housing Material:
    Weight of Hood:
    5.75 lb (2.6 kg).
    Supported Devices:
    UHH6 and newer, and smart devices with Android® firmware version 8.0 and above or iOS® version 14.1 and above.
    SMART Air Hood® application software, available on the Google Play™ store and the Apple App Store®.
    Wireless Protocol:
    Wi-Fi wireless technology.
    Response Time:
    1 s.
    CE, FCC, IC, RCM (-AU model only).


    • Patent pending Quad Flow Design Technology directs the circulating air patterns to provide a more even air flow that minimizes backpressure enabling accurate readings.
    • Patent pending Predictive Balancing is a process that guides the balancing technician on setting the optimal flow set point for each sequential terminal. With the PredictAir™ SAH application software, the balancing process takes much less time than traditional air balancing methods.
    • The ergonomic design is ¼ of the height of a traditional legacy flow hood, and is much lighter and easier to work with than the existing bulky air hoods, providing greater maneuverability and less physical strain.
    • One technician can complete air balancing by themselves.
    • Wi-Fi wireless communication provides a range up to 200 yards, and provides a more stable connection in environments with steel and concrete than Bluetooth® communication.
    • The iOS® version of the SAH software has the capability to drag and drop into third party software in split-screen mode.
    • When plugging in directly to a mobile device to the SAH, the Wi-Fi radio is deactivated.
    • The hardcase (included with SAH-22HC) gives users the ability to plug in all the instruments inside the case and then externally run a cord to the case so they can charge all instruments with one cord (extension cord not included).
    • For linear diffusers (1´x4´) and HEPA filters (2´x4´), optional hoods are available that are designed to be installed quickly onto the standard 2x2 low profile design.


    • -IN Less lithium battery (for international shipments only)
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    Model Description Availability* Price
    A-SAH-03P Extendable pole, 2' to 4' (replacement pole) Call for Details*
    A-SAH-12P Extendable pole 4.5´ to 12´ (replacement pole) 1-3 days*
    A-SAH-14S Canvas hood attachment, 1' x 4' (0.3 m x 1.2 m), quick setup connection Call for Details*
    A-SAH-15S Canvas hood attachment, 1' x 5' (0.3 m x 1.5 m), requires A-SAH-BK Call for Details*
    A-SAH-24S Canvas hood attachment, 2' x 4' (0.6 m x 1.2 m), quick setup connection 1-3 days*
    A-SAH-33S Canvas hood attachment, 3' x 3' (0.9 m x 0.9 m), requires A-SAH-BK Call for Details*
    A-SAH-44S Canvas hood attachment, 4' X 4', (1.2 m x 1.2 m), requires A-SAH-BK Call for Details*
    A-SAH-BK Adapter base kit for canvas hoods, (required with first purchase) for use with A-SAH-15S and A-SAH-33S 1-3 days*
    A-SAH-CK Replacement calibration kit, includes: sensor module and 4 quad flow sensing grids Call for Details*
    A-SAH-CLIP Pole mounting clips (2) Call for Details*

  • Ability to plug in Case and charge internal contents
  • Storage for velocity Grid
  • Heavy duty wheels and handle for travel
  • 1-3 days*
    A-SAH-PLUG Low flow plug 1-3 days*
    A-SAH-SC Soft travel case Call for Details*
    UHH7 Universal handheld test device with software Call for Details*