Panel Meters/Indicators

Panel Meters/Indicators
Panel Meters and Indicators are for displaying inputs from transmitters and sensors. Totalizing, contact outputs, and retransmission models. There are different types of mounts.
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  1. Series DPMX Extra Large Digital Panel Meter
    Extra Large Digital Panel Meter can be seen across a room or in dark ...
    Starting at $505.10
  2. Series LCI132 Process Indicator
    Process Indicator is low cost and compact. Applications include disp ...
    Starting at $272.20
  3. Series LCI508 & LCI608 Digital Panel Meter
    Digital Panel Meter is designed for measuring and integrating analog ...
    Starting at $1,259.60
  4. Series LCI308 & LCI408 Panel Meter Indicator
    Panel Meter Indicator has options that include relay and transistor se ...
    Starting at $966.70
  5. Series DPMP LCD Digital Panel Meter
    LCD Digital Panel Meter where the display segments are available in a ...
    Starting at $111.40
  6. Series DPML LCD Digital Panel Meter
    LCD Digital Panel Meter where the display has a choice of red, amber, ...
    Starting at $138.70
  7. Series DPMW LCD Digital Panel Meter
    LCD Digital Panel Meter accepts an input signal from a pressure, lev ...
    Starting at $121.75
  8. Series APM, MPM & PPM Dual Line Configurable Panel Meters
    Dual-Line Analog Input Rate/Totalizer applies to level monitoring, p ...
    Starting at $522.65
  9. Series SPPM Smart Programmable Panel Meter
    Smart Programmable Panel Meter is a full-color touch-screen display ...
    Starting at $231.15
  10. Series DPMA LCD Digital Process Meter
    LCD Digital Panel Meter which applies to displaying process values fro ...
    Starting at $156.85
  11. Series LTI Temperature Panel Meter
    Temperature Panel Meter can be configured in a variety of configurat ...
    Starting at $495.75
  12. Series SPPM2 Graphical User Interface Panel Meter
    Graphical User Interface Panel Meter is a configurable, full color tou ...
    Starting at $663.20
  13. Series PMA Panel Meter Accessories
    Panel Meter Accessories include adapters, converters, snubbers, rela ...
    Starting at $26.90
  14. Model DPMF Flush Mount LCD Digital Panel Meter
    Flush Mount LCD Digital Panel Meter offers high performance and low ...
    Starting at $124.85
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The DPMA-502 panel meter, what is the environmental rating? NEMA 1?
The Series DPMA doesn't have a NEMA rating.
Question 1. What is the input impedance of the SPPM meter with voltage input? I'm replacing an old analog meter with a 0-100 uA movement with a more reliable digital panel meter. Question 2. The analog meter I want to replace has a two-range non-linear vibration scale 0-4 Grms and 1-10 Grms. Is it possible to create non-linear calibration curves for the SPPM?
The SPPM with the voltage input has a 10MΩ input impedance. Also, a non-linear calibration curve can be created by merely using the software in the SPPM. One can use the sensor linearization and use up to 20 calibration points and even have your results converted into a .csv file.
Would a UFM-1 and a PPM-100 be a good match to monitor and total domestic water usage for an apartment building? The UFM-1 would be able to be powered from the 24VAC output from the PPM-100, correct? Would the PPM-100 be able to interpret the pulse signal from the UFM-1 and be able to totalize that data for up to 2 weeks on the onboard memory of the PPM-100?
The Model UFM-1 compact ultrasonic flowmeter sends out pulse signals which can be picked up by the Series PPM pulse panel meter. Also, the Series PPM has an isolated 24VDC power supply which the UFM-1 can use. The Series PPM meter has a 6-digit readout which means that it can read up to a million (gallons, liters, m3, etc.). After surpassing the million mark that readout will reset to zero and begin counting again. If needed, the Series PPM can be configured to read continuously, surpassing the millionth mark, by setting the conversion factor on the unit.
Can the SPPM-C display 5 digits?
The SPPM-C display is 4 digits.