Process Controllers

Process Controllers
Process Controllers monitor and control temperature or process applications. Control methods include ON/OFF, PID, fuzzy logic, self-tune, and manual tune. Self-Tune PID and different mounting options. The alarm outputs can be configured from different preprogrammed settings.
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  1. Series 1500 Temperature Controller
    Temperature Controller is reliable, accurate, and fully programmable. ...
    Starting at $729.05
  2. Series 2600 Temperature/Process Controller
    Temperature/Process Controller are easy to use, versatile, and have a ...
    Starting at $997.60
  3. Series 2500 Temperature/Controller
    Temperature/Controller provides an impressive array of features. Eco ...
    Starting at $1,065.20
  4. Series 16A Temperature/Process Controller
    Temperature/Process Controller is the latest microprocessor that has ...
    Starting at $527.30
  5. Series 8600 Temperature/Process Controller
    Temperature/Process Controller includes Self-Tune, Fuzzy Logic, full ...
    Starting at $1,362.65
  6. Series 32B 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
    1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller offers advanced control feat ...
    Starting at $133.10
  7. Series 4B 1/4 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
    1/4 DIN Temperature/Process Controller is designed to accept thermoc ...
    Starting at $193.00
  8. Series 16B 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
    1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controller monitors and controls temper ...
    Starting at $148.60
  9. Series 8C 1/8 DIN Temperature Controller
    1/8 DIN Temperature Controller offers easy-to-use programming menus ...
    Starting at $133.50
  10. Series 32A Temperature/Process Controller
    Temperature/Process Controller offers the highest level of features ...
    Starting at $477.35
  11. Series 16L Limit Control
    Limit Control offers FM approved limit control with universal input, ...
    Starting at $428.50
  12. Series 32DZ Temperature/Process Controller
    The Series 32DZ Temperature/Process Controller is easy to use and of ...
    Starting at $599.05
  13. Series 8B 1/8 DIN Temperature/Process Controller
    1/8 DIN Temperature/Process Controller offers versatility and reliab ...
    Starting at $166.15
  14. Series 16C 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller
    1/16 DIN Temperature Controller offers accurate temperature measurem ...
    Starting at $121.10
  15. Series 4C 1/4 DIN Temperature Controller
    1/4 DIN Temperature Controller has easy to use programming menus des ...
    Starting at $149.05
  16. Series SCD DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controllers
    DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controller has multiple PID loops in a ...
    Starting at $119.00
  17. Series SCD-8 Multi-Loop DIN Rail Mount Temperature Controller
    Multi-Loop DIN Rail Mount Temperature Controller can control up to 8 ...
    Starting at $293.95
  18. Series 16G, 8G, 4G Temperature/Process Loop Controllers
    Temperature/Process Loop Controllers monitor and control temperature ...
    Starting at $177.50
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In the Series 16A the option 936 = Set Point/Process Signal Output 0-10 VDC My Question Is "What Is This Option Used For"?
The -936 option on the 16A is most commonly used to remotely monitor a process (for instance, in a different room). An additional panel meter with a 0-10 volt input will allow you to do this. It can also be used as an input to another controller that runs a different system (off of the same process transmitter, for instance).
We are trying to program a temperature control and receive the following message - Communication error > address 01: no response from controller at register 795 (031A). What could be causing this error?
The register 795 is a Modbus register. One of the reasons why there is a communication error is the -992 for the RS-485 communication is LOVELINK Protocol, if you are trying to communicate with Modbus® protocol, it will not work. See the LoveLink™III Software.
How to change the selectable °F/°C on a series 16B love control.
Please see page 20 in the instruction manual. The parameter to change from °F to °C is TPUn. This parameter will only be available if your inPT is the Thermocouple or RTD as stated.
I have a Love 16B-33-LV temp controller that came with a DC01 jumper. Can you tell me what this jumper is for?
The jumper is used when you are using a current input (4-20 mA) signal into the controller. If you are using an RTD or thermocouple probe you do not need this jumper.