Temperature Transmitters are sensors with an electrical transmission output. From wall mounted to PC programmable, to LCD Display, to intrinsically safe models, there are a variety of transmitters to choose from. Dwyer's economical devices provide the accuracy and reliability at the lowest possible cost.
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  1. Series 651 Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature Transmitter linearizes output for precise temperature moni ...
    Starting at $188.85
  2. Series 659 Push-Button Temperature Transmitter
    Push-Button Temperature Transmitter accepts thermocouple or thermistor ...
    Starting at $188.35
  3. Series BTO Bimetal Thermometer with Transmitter Output
    Bimetal Thermometer with Transmitter Output eliminates the need for a ...
    Starting at $930.00
  4. Series TTE Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature Transmitter
    Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature Transmitter is ideal for hazardous t ...
    Starting at $644.80
  5. Series HHT Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
    Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature Transmitter takes accurate measu ...
    Starting at $1,304.15
  6. Series TTW Weatherproof Immersion Temperature Transmitter
    Weatherproof Immersion Temperature Transmitter combines three popula ...
    Starting at $345.70
  7. Series BTT Temperature Transmitters
    Temperature Transmitter offers transmitter output signals with the s ...
    Starting at $66.05
  8. Series BTT-E/N Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature Transmitter has a duct mount, immersion and OSA models a ...
    Starting at $66.05
  9. Model TBU-00 Temperature Transmitter
    Temperature transmitter, field selectable, universal input, in-head ...
    Starting at $152.75
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I'm looking for a dual temp. and humidity gauge for an 8" duct. I'm wanting to remote read the temp and humidity on the incoming and outgoing air to an ERV unit. The RHP-3M11-LCD was recommended to me, however, it is a direct read. What would be the correct instrument to remote read the temperature and humidity from a distance of 8 feet. The 8" duct is in the attic and I want to read the result in the down-stair hall. I don't want to record nor program the unit, just read the performance.
The sensor recommended would be the best option we have for sensing temperature and relative humidity for your application. We do not have any options with a remote display that could stretch as far as you are asking, nor are there any on the market to my knowledge. In every case, you would need to utilize a process output, in this case 4-20 mA, to transmit the readings to a remote display(s) which would accept the process signal(s). If you are just looking for a remote readout to go with the RHP sensor with no control functionality, then you could look at one of our panel meters, possibly the SPPM, DPMA, DPMW, or DPMP & DPML series panel meters. For assistance selecting an appropriate panel meter, please contact our technical support group at 219-879-8000.